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Four Tips for a Healthier Fun Easter


There’s a pretty strong correlation between chocolate and easter for many reasons, none of which are necessarily important, or beneficial to your child’s health. The healthy habits that you install in your kids now set them up for life.

My childhood memories of easter are of running through the fresh morning due to scavenge for our goodies. It was my sister and I trying to decrypt the clues my Mum had written for the hunt then racing to get to each spot first. The hunt for eggs was more of a thrill than the find itself. It was about painting boiled eggs with such delight and focus surrounded by love and laughter from my family.

Children get excited by what we get excited by. It’s our choice to direct them here, whether it be about having a family picnic on easter to that much anticipated morning treasure hunt. The treasure doesn’t need to be chocolate, there’s numerous goodies you can switch in instead. If you hype up the excitement about what your family does on Easter then this is enough to create a flow on affect for your kids.

Forget the focus being simply on chocolate and make memories instead. Sure you can have chocolate, but don’t make it the soul focus.


It’s not a hard activity and most kids love painting. Or if you wanted a bit of a science show you could place the boiled eggs into food colouring, once they’ve cooled down. The egg shell will slowly absorb the dye and transform colour.


You don’t even need to write the clues if you’re running low on time and energy. Just hid some goodies in the garden or inside before the kids get out of bed. Give them each their own basket and build the excitement up over breakfast. Remember that age old saying, it’s the journey not the destination.

Quality time with the kids. Throw in some laughter and put on some of their favourite music while you’re hiding around the house and you’re parent of the century. Plus you can keep them hiding for quite some time giving you a few minutes out to yourself.

Wrapping treats in tinfoil from the kitchen cupboard makes it just as exciting for the children. Have


What kid doesn’t love preparing food and setting up a tea party. Make it special. Add some goodies but this could be any kind of snack not just chocolate.

You child could pack the picnic basket and blanket to sit on. Or make the sandwiches with sprinkles on top.


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