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Learning to Invest

As a fan of good quality clothes and too many of the latest health products, plus a good dose of reality – I’ve decided to start being proactive with my money.

A friend put me onto Sharesies which I’m enjoying. It’s a basic and really easy platform for any amateur investor. As I learn more the more I realise I don’t have a clue. Reading tips from local blogs has helped give me a better understanding or at least a feeling that I at least know a small amount of what I’m doing. Below is an extract from Sharechat which I personally find simple to follow.

Before you invest your hard-earned money, there are a few factors that you should consider, such as how long do you want to invest for, do you require a regular income, what sort of risk are you comfortable with.

Investments typically fall into three main categories:: Shares, Property, Term Deposits and then within these categories are multiple sub-categories.

Kiwi’s are well-known for their love affair of property. You can find out more about property investing on our sister site, Landlords has a comprehensive list of mortgage rates, and useful house and rental statistics for investors.

If you decide to use term deposits, you can find some information on our sister site, that will assist you choosing the best interest rates. Definitely look for the Government guarantee tick on the handy deposit rates comparison table.

Let’s get started! Use the following links to learn more about investing in the stock market.

First StepsFirst Steps

Our First Steps educational series takes would-be investors on a sharemarket journey, explaining in simple terms such things as the difference between private and public companies, why the sharemarket exists, and how people can begin to invest in shares.

o LearnGo Learn Shares

The GO Learn Shares courses are relevant to all beginners, intermediate and investors or investors who would like to understand the basics of topics such as short term technical trading and risk management.

A FREE preview of each Go Learn Shares chapter is here

Ask a broker
Ask a Broker

Here’s where you can ask a broker your burning question. 
Be sure to check the broker archive first, just in case the answer is already there.

Learning to InvestLearning to invest

Learning to Invest was a popular series of educational articles posted to the ShareChat Forum. The late Gerry Stolwyk, initiated the series on the Forum in the latter part of 2000. Gerry used to say “Investors work at the coal face – they have emotions which are appreciated by others who ‘have been there before’. We have included some of the elements that have a place in investors’ thought processes. The content varies from humour to carefully crafted discussions, from crusading to the interpretation of investment results. Well worth a look.

SeminarsSharemarket Seminars

Be sure to check out our popular sharemarket seminar listing section.  You’ll find lots of educational courses, seminars and expos.  Some are even free to attend.   

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